December 9, 2012

White Christmas? What are the chances

Mad Scientist Here.
On the radio they play songs referring to a White Christmas.
Problem is that I can not remember a white Christmas here in the south.  So what are the chances of it?  It is pretty slim.  The National Climactic Data Center has a map showing the chances of at least one inch of snow.

They Have a report showing a city by city chances.  For Jackson it is 0%.  It is not impossible though, we had a good snowstorm a few weeks before Christmas in 1997 and a few years later (Don't remember exactly when) we had a ice on the 23rd and 24th.  It is probably closer to 0.5%, they just round to the nearest whole percent. Unfortunately for us snow lovers, it is not a good chance.  But hey, if it did snow on Christmas they would close work/school so maybe it would be better if it waited to snow.

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