November 5, 2012

Nursery party poopers

     Yesterday, was my morning in the nursery. I share this task with our nursery director, Amy. We trade off Sundays. At first it seemed that I was having an easy morning. Only a few crying kids and they stopped crying soon after I brought out some fun toys. All of our volunteers were there. Yes, everything was going smoothly.

     Then one of our little boys had an explosive blow out poopy diaper. It was all over his outfit, and the play area he was in. Then it got all over the changing table, as I was stripping him down. A lot of clorox wipes were used cleaning the play room that morning.  Then I discovered that he did not have a spare change of clothes. So I had to go to the sanctuary and get his mom, and explain the situation. We wrapped him up in a blanket and she took him home to change him into some real clothes.

     Next, I was called upon to change two diapers in the infant room, and was a dirty diaper. After that I was called back into the other room, to change another poop. Wow at the fun. Hey, at least not all my mornings are like this, and no one had a dirty diaper in the toddler room.

     So I was explaining my morning to my husband, as he was helping me take out the trash, and he said, "So, you had a crappy morning?"

     I've been laughing ever since he said that.



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  1. So you had one wrapped in swaddling clothes. I hope it wasn't too cold out. He needs to learn to do that business in the toilet! I love you. Glad you are keeping them clean.