August 10, 2012

While I was out. . .

When I went to an all day writers conference last Saturday, Daniel stayed home:

He cleaned up the garden, and mowed the lawn.

He cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry.

He fixed our oven, by replacing the burned out element. Yay!

I told him, I should leave more often.

He has kept himself pretty busy this week too, by taking Windows Vista off of our desktop and replacing it with Linux. I'm so happy. I hated Windows Vista. It made our computer very slow, and I was constantly having to reboot.

He says he has to have something extra to do now that he is finished with his coursework.


  1. Wow, he can come up and get busy at our house anytime! If he brings you with him of course! ;)

  2. I will tell him you said so. ;)