August 7, 2012

The serious and the silly

Here are a couple of things I've found around the web, that are interesting to me.

The Serious:

Ben & Jerry’s, Chick-fil-A & Political Correctness
This blog entry is a voice of reason, dealing with both sides of the issue from the Chick-fil-A problems that were all over the news and my newsfeed only a short time ago. I like the way Perry Noble was able to express exactly what I think and feel about this whole situation.

The Silly: 

I did the exact same thing to my younger sister, Bethany, when we were this age. This interview is hilarious. Thanks mom, for pointing it out to me!


  1. You are welcome. I re-lived the haircut you gave Bethany when I heard this hilarious interview.

  2. I'll have to listen to that interview! ;)