March 10, 2011

Monday February 21, 2011

Running across a bridge along side a semi-busy road was not what I planned when I got up that morning. Still, there I was following my husband at a steady jog trying to stay as far away from the cars as possible. How did this happen?

It was President's Day, so Daniel was off work. He decided to use this time wisely and study for his upcoming midterms. I decided to take advantage of having the car, and go grocery shopping before our dentist appointment at three. So I hopped in the car and headed for Kroger, only to have the right wear tire blow out on me. I rode on the rim until I could stop and park in a medical center parking lot.

I got out to check just how bad the damage was. It looked terrible, horrible, no good, very bad.

A man in a sedan pulled up and offered to help me. This is a blessing from God, so far, whenever I have had car trouble God has sent someone along to help me. I popped the trunk and we took and looked for the spare.
Yeah, guess what? It was flat too.

That was when this kind person offered to drop me off somewhere. I called my husband first catching him up on the situation and then took the offer for a ride home. I thanked him for a ride and hurried up the steps of our trailer.

Now we needed to get our car to a mechanic and get the tire replace. We had flat spare, and I'd just left our only car at a medical clinic parking lot, and this was our only car. So what to do?

Daniel's plan: Walk down to the medical clinic and see if the spare tire was really flat.
My plan: shove a telephone book inside my purse just in case we need to call a tow. I'm glad my purse is large enough!

Thankfully we were only a mile away, if we took the long way, which of course we did. After all we wanted to avoid some of the traffic!

That is how I found myself jogging along the side of the road, crossing a bridge, and trying to stay as far as could from the traffic. I had to laugh at myself lugging an overstuffed purse toward our car. Daniel did not find the situation funny. He was thinking about how much money a tow truck would cost. We arrived at the car only for Daniel to find out that the spare really was flat. Imagine that.

That is when he turned to me and said, "Do you have any change?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because, I want to carry the tire down to the gas station and pump air into it. That way we won't have to call a tow truck."  I love my husband. He likes to save money too.

I got out my change. He pulled out the spare tire, and we were off. It was not long before we stopped though. The nearest gas station was across a busy highway, and neither of us really wanted run across that intersection.

That's when I noticed just up ahead of us the Honda Dealership. "Hey, why don't we just stop there, don't they fix people's car's too? Surely they could pump some air in our tire." That is what we did. The guy at the Honda dealership gladly pumped air in our spare while laughing at us.

So we were able to walk back to the car. Daniel put the spare on, we drove the mechanics, and I rescheduled our dentist appointments, and went grocery shopping while they put a tire on our car.

Tune in for Wednesday, Feb. 23 when we are put on a boil water alert. . .

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