February 3, 2011

a review of the past few months

A lot has happened since I last posted. 

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary November 22, 2010. Two lovely years together.

Daniel had a biopsy on his foot. He has had a growth on his foot for years now; he finally checked out what it was. Nothing is wrong. It is just a fatty tissue, called Neurofibromatosis (NF1). It is benign/harmless, so there was no need to remove it. It is genetic.

I had two moles removed off of my back in December. Thankfully these were benign too. They looked like they might be cancerous. It has taken a long time to heal. Scar tissue is now starting to form.

We spent Christmas with my family and then went to Myrtle Beach to spend a week with Daniel's family. We had a good time with everyone.

Now the new year has started, Daniel is very busy with school work. I've been keeping myself busy by helping out with our church's mission conference. 

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