July 27, 2010

New Mexico Trip 2010

We start out our trip by going to the cake walk, and helping raise money for the community.

Mrs. Becky Inman, my mother-in-law, mingling at the cake walk.

Ladies tea

Craft time at the Ladies Tea.

At Just Move it, the community 3 to 5 K walk or run. It is the campaign to promote health and exercise among the Navajo's. It is our chance to meet more of the people in the community.
One of the work projects.
Leah in the green shirt gave Daniel and me a beautiful piece of Navajo pottery as a belated wedding gift. This was at one of our evening services. Daniel can't keep his eyes open for pictures.
This was Karen, me, and Martha, at the VBS registration table.

The first grade class in VBS during Bible time.
2nd-3rd grade class in VBS during Bible time.

4th grade class for VBS, during recreation.

Mr. Bill Inman, my father-in-law, supervising during 4th grade crafts.

Some of the youth during crafts.
More of the youth during crafts.

Meljorie, Brittany, and Melissa, my sister, at lunchtime, and dismissal time.
Daniel and I cooking lunch for VBS kids.

Group picture at VBS, on the last day.


  1. I enjoyed looking at your pictures! I love that pottery - beautiful!

  2. Also, just wanted to say, I really like the Shel Silverstein poem you posted. :)