June 17, 2010

What is up with us

I've been up to my ears with things to do recently, this is why I have not had time to actually write a blog entry. I figured I needed to solve that problem.

I've been helping plan a missions trip out to Crystal, New Mexico this year. This is part of Navajo Nation, the Navajo Indian Reservation. This is the third year that my husband and I will be going on this missions trip, but it is the first year that I've actually been involved in the planning process.

Each year we go out and have a Vacation Bible School with the kids.  This year I've helped with the planning process by getting out and recruiting help, writing VBS rotation schedules, writing the VBS curriculum with help from Karen Freeman, another missions team member. We also have a Ladies Tea and I've been busy helping plan that. I'm currently in the middle of mailing out invitations to our Ladies Tea. I just hope we are not forgetting something in all of this.
The main thing is prayer. Daniel and I have been praying for these kids ever since we left, but now we are also praying for our trip out there. I feel like I'm losing momentum, I was so excited about the trip and now I'm just tired and the trip has not even begun yet. I'm praying that God will renew my sense of excitement and anticipation over this trip.
There is so much to be grateful for. We started out with only a few people signed up on our missions team and now we have the largest group we've ever had.  We started out struggling to find teacher's for all the classes and now we have teachers and extra people to help on the work projects. The things that are killing my sense of excitement are is that we still need some money for vans, and supplies. I'm praying that God will see us through. He provided the people, He can provide the money. I just have my doubts some times, I'm like the man saying "I believe, help my unbelief." You can pray for me in this, and pray for all of us as we prepare for the missions trip.

Other things that are going on:
My in-laws are here for a week and half. They are staying with Nathaniel and Susan and helping with Jack. I know Susan needs that help. She and Nathaniel need sleep. Jack needs to learn how keep his meals down so he won't have to nurse as often. We've been coaching him on this but he does not seem to be paying attention. In spite of losing his meals so often he's still managed to gain his birth weight back plus some. He is now 10 lbs 2 oz. and 23 inches long (He was 9 lb. 6 oz. 21 and 1/2 inches long at birth).

Daniel found out that Mississippi State University is now offering a distance learning Master's Program in Applied Meteorology. He has started the application process for it. He needs two letters of reference before he can complete his application. Please pray for him and us as we make plans and decisions about this.


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  1. Jessica, that is a ton.
    I will be praying for Daniel and you.
    Love you! See you soon...maybe end of this month, if I have a car by then.