June 4, 2010

result for The Caffeine Addiction Test...

Your result for The Caffeine Addiction Test...

Wasting a Good Drug

You're 3% Caffeine-Addict!
You're not consuming nearly enough caffeine. What's your problem? Why bother with clean living and a responsible lifestyle to keep yourself feeling energetic when you could just drink a magic beverage to do the same thing? Like all of nature, the reason why God made caffeine in the first place was so that humans could abuse it.
Go get yourself a cup of coffee right now!
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Melissa, I'd be interested in seeing your results if you take this quiz. :)


  1. PPPSSSSSHHHHH That was silly!! Here are my results: Reckless Addict
    You're 80% Caffeine-Addict!
    Ridiculous! I'll be the first to admit that a little caffeine can help you be more alert and more productive, but how productive can you be if half of your day is spent in the bathroom?
    You've got a caffeine problem. How about giving it a bit of a rest for awhile? At the very least you should be cutting back.

  2. I thought so. :) They have some other quizzes that are a lot more fun if you have the time to kill.