May 26, 2010

No rearview mirror

Yesterday, my rearview mirror fell off on the way to the gas station. After I got gas, I had go home and duck tape my mirror to the window shield so I could get to church by 10:15. The duck tape really was not that helpful. I ended up having to resort to using the two side rearview mirrors more and more. 

I went to Walmart, to buy some  rearview mirror glue but I could not find it in the Auto Care section. I finally returned home frustrated, with a rearview mirror dangling on my wind shield by a few pieces of duck tape.

I will try again today. Sometimes you don't know how much you use something until it is not there anymore.


  1. I hope you get it fixed soon! I saw on FB that Daniel said you needed more duct tape! Haha!

  2. Yeah, Daniel is so funny.

    He told me offline to go to Auto Zone for some glue. I got a professional strength rearview mirror adhesive at Auto Zone today. I'm waiting until this evening to put it on though.

    Heat keeps the glue moist longer, so the man at Auto Zone said to wait until evening to apply the adhesive so it would dry quicker that way.