April 13, 2010

Late night blog

I almost forgot about my poor little blog. I did not even update to let people know how my birthday went. I turned 28 this year, and I hit a period of introspection around my birthday. Some people think about there life and plans for the upcoming year in January, but not me. I think about it when my birthday rolls around. What am I doing with myself? What do I hope to accomplish this year? Why? Are these really worthy goals/ideals?

I went to my church library, and checked out Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper and I'm nearly finished with now. It is a good book and helps me sort out some questions for myself. John Piper seems to have a theme in many of his books about Desiring God, delighting in Him. This book is no different in that respect, but it has an overall tone that helps you think about your life as something to be spent not just wisely, but well.
We can be wise with our money and still not enjoy it. We can also be wise with our lives and still not enjoy them. We can enjoy our lives and delight in God. We can work somewhere besides the missions field and still fulfill his purposes for ourselves.

I hope I will update with a nice chatty blog soon. Something with news about what I've been up to, but for now I just needed to air out my thoughts a little bit.


  1. I have had that book for *ahem* lets just say awhile, and haven't gotten past the first few pages...but not because it wasn't interesting. I do want to read it, but I am going to return it and save it for a time when I can focus. It does sound really good, which is why I checked it out. I am trying to stick with my One Year Bible this year & also read a "fun" book - one that I can unwind with in the evening before I go to bed. I am working my way through the "Anne of Green Gables" series,actually. Some I have already read, but always good to read again! Love L.M. Montgomery! But, if I try to do to much, I miss out on my Bible reading, which defeats the purpose. So anyway, sorry for rambling, I tend to do that. Great post, and I know what you mean about reflecting on things more around your (or my) birthday. Love you.

  2. glad you picked your blog back up!

  3. I think I may have gotten this book for graduation....I got a few John Piper things. They went to the back of the book shelf. I think that I need to dig it out. If I have it.