December 7, 2009

It snowed!

It snowed on Friday night. Being in Mississippi makes snow a lot more exciting. It rarely snows here and even when it does it always seems to be in January or February. It was beautiful.

These are some pictures of the snow from our back yard. It was so cold that the snow stayed frozen through the night and we were able to get pictures the next morning. Daniel went out and measured it and it turned out to be one inch of snow at our place.

It was so cold on Saturday morning and the snow was piled up around the jeep so much, that the door to the passenger side of the jeep was frozen. I had to crawl through the drivers side to get into my seat when we went shopping for a Christmas tree.

We got our tree from Home Depot. There was cold wet snow all over it. Sorry if I am too exuberant over the snow. I'm like a kid! Our tree is a Douglas fir and it smells very nice. I will try to post some pictures of it later.

I've edited this post to add pictures of our Christmas tree.


  1. Douglas firs are my favorite because the needles don't hurt and they smell good.
    This is your mom on Kim's acct. I love you. The snow is pretty, but I'm not jealous.

  2. Wow! Snow! Pretty pictures! I haven't seen your Christmas tree yet, and I'm sure you are going to take it down soon. Be sure to put up some pics :) Love you sis!

  3. Pretty tree! Im glad I got to see it!