September 30, 2009

I am selling my wedding dress on ebay

Sleeveless Sweetheart Wedding Gown

I'm just updating this post to say that it did not sell. I'm not re-listing it at this time either. I'm glad I set a reserve on it. I was a little torn over selling my dress, but I want someone else to be able to wear it. I'm glad that I set a reserve price on it though, because if I'd sold it for 15 dollars (highest bid) I would have been upset.


  1. Why would you sell your wedding dress?! I guess I have some sentimental attatchment to mine.

  2. Yeah, I know. Sentiment is a little bit of an issue with me too. I loved my dress, and I hate the thought that no one else gets to wear it as long as it is hanging in my closet. However, I don't want to part with my wedding dress for only a little bit of money either.

  3. If you have a daughter, you can save it for her :) I know that doesn't mean she will wear it, but she might!