March 22, 2009

New trellis

Daniel built this trellis for the muscadine vines on Saturday. I helped him when he needed an extra pair of hands, but I could not help him much because we only had one set of tools. The vines are very small right now, but they will grow and need their new trellis.


  1. Wow! That is really nice, and really big too!!

  2. Yes, he had to make it that large to make sure it was wind/storm resistant.

  3. You have a blog award waiting for you! Go to my blog and check it out!

  4. that is awesome! is that in your back yard??? I had no idea you had such a big back yard.

    so i set Charlie up with this girl I work with...and they really hit it off. fyi...and GO ME! For right now anyway.