February 4, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me (Daniel's)

(We did this on facebook, now I'm just republishing them here.)

1) I married my wife Jessica on on November 22, 2008.

2) I am easily distracted.

3) I got sick on our honeymoon.

3.1415) When I was young I was afraid of thunder.

4) I review road plans for the state of Mississippi.

5) I like the mountain dulcimer and hope to get one some day.

6) I have chased storms in Mississippi and the Great Plains.

7) I (unsuccessfully) applied to be a Hurricane Hunter.

8) I tried out for the part of Forrest Gump (The part when he was a kid).

9) I have a degree in meteorology.

10) I have launched weather balloons for the National Weather Service.

11) My favorite color is green.

12) My right foot is 1/2 size larger than my left.

13) I use to take classic foil, rapier, cane fighting, and Karate .

14) I recently started playing go (an ancient Chinese strategy game).

15) I was born in North Dakota.

16) I lived at a rehab center form age 7 to age 19.

(Don't worry, it was because my parents worked there.)

17) I have been to the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico several times. My parents were
missionaries there.

18) My wife is notorious for editing my writing.

19) I painted my face maroon and white when I went to Mississippi State football games.

20) I like to garden. This year I am going to grow tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, bell peppers,
watermelons, blackberries, muscadine grapes, and a bunch of flowers.

21) me kant spel and got ungood gramer¿

22) I once sat next to a crazy lady on an airplane that tried to change my psychic frequency so I could
see the adamantine particles.

23) I have been on a train trip around the country. (Jackson MS, to Chicago to Oregon to L.A. and

24) I have never been to Vermont.

25) My penmanship is appalling.

26) I do not have a cell phone .

27) I am stubborn and don't know when to quit.


  1. The reason for number 18 is number 21.

  2. I have learned alot about you! :)

  3. I loved reading these! I've never heard this much about my new son-in-law.